Work & Projects

Building at the intersection of code and design.

  • alexcarey.co

    A portfolio site I worked on with Alex Carey in building a space to showcase a variety of work spanning gifs, illustration, video, and print.

    Visit alexcarey.co

    React + Gatsby + Netlify

    Alex Carey Face Logo
  • avresources.co

    I worked with AV Resources (AVRC) to build a ground up site to showcase their healthcare products and consultancy services. The site is a server side rendered React application powered by a custom CMS.

    Visit avresources.co

    React + Node/Express + EC2 + RDS

    AVRC Landing Page
  • thisnextyear.com

    A holiday project to write a letter to your future self. Featured and ranked #2 on ProductHunt and over 50k visitors.

    Visit thisnextyear.com

    React + Serverless

    This Next Year Gif
  • todohq.co

    A minimal and accessible todo list playing with the alpha build of React Hooks. All data saved locally in the browser - sign up to access the list anywhere. Featured on ProductHunt November 2018.

    Visit todohq.co

    React + Serverless

    TodoHQ app
  • austillery.com

    Austillery is a marketplace for unique and rising events. Visitors can create an account and using the modular editor can easily build their event. Featured on Product Hunt July 2018.

    Visit austillery.com

    React + Node.js/Express + EC2 + MySQL

    Austillery app
  • Ryan Blake @ Avrek Law

    A single page, animated marketing site for Attorney Ryan Blake of Avrek Law Firm. (Site currently in review)

    Visit site

    Javascript + HTML + CSS + Parcel

    Ryan Blake Avrek Law Firm
  • Fiesta (coming soon)

    Building simple, sharable event pages through an easy to use, UI/UX centered dashboard. Fiesta is the project behind the current blog.

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