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React tooltip

June 2020

I built a little library!

Recently I came across the need to add tooltips to a project. There are some wonderful solutions out there; however, I was looking for an API that made building tooltips with dynamic content super simple.

I wanted an API that supported basic tooltips and the ability to render custom components such as a profile card on hover.

default tooltip tooltip with custom content

So I decided to roll an implementation and thought it was a great candidate to pull into a little package and share my three day extraveganza.

While building this, I wanted usage to be really simple:

Alongside a simple API, I wanted to make contributing really simple.

Anyone can fork the repo, install the dependencies, and run yarn start. A UI will spin up and changes can be made directly against the example. No friction. ☺️

react-tooltip development screen

And that's that!

The repository can by found on Github and the package on npm.

If you have questions or suggestions feel free to reach out!